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Burger Factory

GTA Location:

5130 Dixie Road, Mississauga, L4W 1C9



I walked into Burger Factory after deliberating for weeks if I should trek all the way out there to try and review their burger. I decided to do it and so off I went. Walking in I was glad I did. Eating the burger, not in the least.

Burger Factory is a Halal burger joint which means no bacon on the premises. So if you are a bacon lover this ain’t the place for you. Interestingly enough they have a burger called the Juicy Lucy which is a patty stuffed with cheese. It is interesting as there is a placed called Moe’s (or Big Moe’s) which is also a Halal burger place and also has a Juicy Lucy which I think is a patty stuffed with cheese.

So I walked in and I liked what I saw. I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered a single with fries and coke. The usual toppings made the burger. I paid (nine bucks and change–not bad) and then watched as the grill gal took out a fresh ball of beef and through it on the flattop. My good will dropped a little at this point as the fresh ball of beef was kind of brown and not very, if at all, red.

About 8 minutes later I had a burger and fries and coke in front of me. I, of course, dug into the fries first. Not bad they were. Different to most they were. Very good they were. They were super thick and had an almost batter on them. I say an almost batter because it felt like a batter but I couldn’t really see much of a batter or seasoning at all. It looked like straight up fresh cut potato deep fried but ultra thick. Ultra crispy on the outside and super moist and delicious on the inside. But a slight flavour of seasoning or better, I’m just not sure.

Then I bit into the burger. Right away I wasn’t happy. It tasted, how do I say, off? Not so much off as crappy. I looked at the patty and saw black specs all over it. Was it pepper or something else? Whatever the seasoning used was it sucked. I continued to eat the burger not liking it as I went. Sure the tomato was fine but that was about it (okay the ketchup and mustard was fine too). The lettuce was wilted and tasteless and the onion was way to thick making it overpowering in flavour and uncomfortably placed on the burger itself. The biggest offender of the toppings though was the pickle. It was like an ultra sweet and briny pickle with no distinct flavour. It was just so over flavoured and not in a good way that I had to take it off the burger.

The bun was a decent bun, I’ll give them that and the 5oz patty sure did fit it nicely. It had good bounce, was just the right amount of starchy and was probably the best thing about this burger. The worst thing about this burger was the patty. As I ate more and more I just wasn’t enjoying what I was eating. It was a bad tasting burger and got worse with every bite.

In the end I never finished it. I filled up on fries and left maybe two or three bites of the burger on my tray which promptly went into the garbage. I tell you, it was better than Hero Burger but since I started doing this blog Burger Factory could be up there as one of the worst burgers I’ve tried. I will not be back.

Out of 7 Burger Factory scores a 1