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Liberty Burger

GTA Location:

144 Main Street North, Markham, L3P 5T3



So it was a few days ago and I wanted to go to a new burger place, one I had never been to before. I went online, I googled, I chowhounded, I yelped, I googled some more. I came across this place, Liberty Burger and Wings, with plenty of well received reviews. Located in Unionville, it wasn’t that far so off I went.

I get to Main Street, Unionville and already I am annoyed. Traffic was bad and I had no idea that Unionville was as far away as it ended up being. But I was finally there and I’m driving along Main Street looking for number 144. I see 140 and then 144 but it’s closed up, papered windows, no Liberty Burger, nothing. Now I’m even more annoyed. I’ve driven forever, I’m hungry, and once again the quest for finding a burger to review is becoming fruitless and exhausting.

I leave Unionville upset and hungry and then think to myself ‘How could it be closed?’ I google it on my phone (after I have pulled over) and I see that it is actually on Main Street, Markham, a little further east. I decide to go since I’m already four fifths of the way there. I drive east, there is no traffic, I’m there in less than ten minutes, I get a parking spot right in front of Liberty Burger. Things are looking good.

I take a patio table, I order the old faithful (single) burger with the Onion, tomato, lettuce and pickle I so do like. I order it with fries and a coke. The coke comes and I see wings being delivered. They look amazing!!!!! I take a sip of the coke, it’s not very good. It’s more soda than syrup or should I say it’s not enough syrup. I don’t say anything to the waiter.

My burger comes. Boy does it look good. A nice bun which I press on. Dense, thick, spongy, toasted. The toppings all look fresh, the pickles are from the Harvey’s school of burger pickles. The patty looked juicy, cooked to perfection and tasty. I taste a fry. Yummy. i have a few more. Not the greatest of fries I have ever had but pretty damn good. Home made too, not (from what I remember) frozen fries from a bag.

It was time to dig into the burger. I put on my own ketchup and mustard and took a bite. Things were bad at the beginning of this trip, things were starting to get better, things suddenly went downhill. The bun and toppings were fine but that patty. No thank you. This was one of those patties you couldn’t tell if they were fresh or frozen. It was one of those patties that was either cooked on a flattop, grill or oven, you just can’t tell. It was one of those patties that tasted pretty bad.

I will liken this to my experience at Yellow Griffin Pub which, other than hero Burger, is the worst burger I’ve had since doing this blog. Liberty burger reminded me of that burger. It had the same kind of taste and the same kind of overstuffed texture, like there was too much meat in too little a space. I did not enjoy eating this burger but I was hungry and it was a burger. It was a little better than Yellow Griffin but not by much. As such I am giving it a three only because it was incrementally better. Otherwise it would get a two. What a waste of time.

The wings looked good though…

Out of 7 Liberty Burger and Wings scores a 3