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2777 Steeles Avenue West, Toronto, M3J 3K5



Well its another day and it’s time for another burger review. Just when you think you are getting close to covering all the burgers in your area (let alone the GTA) a new place always pops up. This time it was Sinners Burger, a place I would not know existed had it not been for my good old yet aloof dad.

I was sitting at home and my dad tells me that he passed a new burger place on Steeles called Sinners or something like that. I asked him where and he said Dufferin and Steeles, in the plaza with the Loblaws. It’s actually a Real Canadian Supercentre but let’s not be picky. I thought it a little odd though as the plaza already has a Wendy’s and a South Street Burger.

The next day I drove over to the plaza. I drove up and down the fairly long lot looking for this Sinner or whatever it was called. No luck, it didn’t exist. I pulled over and called my dad. Are you sure it’s in this plaza? I asked. He was positive. Well it didn’t exist and I was wondering where he could of seen it. Then it hit me. Closer to Keele there was once a place called Blueberry Hill which turned into Al’s Diner which then closed down. I was betting that’s where it was. I drove to the spot and low and behold there it was, only it was closed.

Two days later I drove back (after calling to see if they were open). They were, and after I parked I walked into the place. Nicely designed, a nice logo, clean, 3 or 4 people eating. I walked to the cash and looked over the menu. A smaller menu but very similar to the Burger’s Priest.

I ordered my usual, a double, the usual toppings, with fries and a coke. Thirteen bucks and change, the going rate it seems for most burgers these days. It was hard to see the grill as it was behind a glass partition but I managed. It wasn’t a grill, it was a flattop and the burgers were smashed and griddled, my favourite.

I grabbed my can of coke out the fridge and took my seat and waited. Not soon after my burger was ready. I tried the fries, I tried a few more, I dug into them. Yummy. Maybe not the best fries I’ve ever had but still damn good. So far everything was to my liking.

I took my burger out of it’s bag and opened up to look at the burger goodness. Fresh tomatoes, very thinly sliced pickles a la McDonald’s, a fair amount of onions, greener than green lettuce and a good sized amount of ketchup and mustard. The patties were charred on the outside yet still juicy. I could see the juices ready to burst out of the patties; some had already escaped onto the bag. I replaced the white, typically American (soft white a la wonder bread but much better quality) bun back on the burger and was ready to see if I was about to be happy or disappointed.

Well what can I say, do I have a new favourite burger? No? Yes? I don’t know. All I know is that this is another in the delicious burger places that have popped up in Toronto. It was juicy, it was cooked to perfection, the beef was ground just the right amount (in house), the texture was perfect, the flavour was fantastic, the bun patty ratio was spot on, the whole experience was just fantastic.

Perhaps the burger could be bigger, but then you wouldn’t need fries. Basically it’s a choice between a triple or a double with fries. A double with fries is a lot and I could not finish said fries. The burger no problem though. I got to say, a smashed burger, a coke and good fresh cut fries might just be the greatest thing ever.

It’s really hard to mess up a griddled burger. It can be done wrong but never badly (even the worst is usually better than most burgers). Sinners does it right and considering it is so close to my place it might just become my regular. I highly recommend you check this place out, especially if you live close by. If you live far it’s worth the drive.

Last note and caveat. There are now seven places that I can think of off the top of my head that make these smashed/griddled burgers in the GTA: Five Guys, Stockyards, BQM, Burger’s Priest, Holy Chuck, Fresh Burger and now Sinners. I’m going out on a limb and saying that six of these seven are in my top burgers in the city. Where each one falls is hard to say and would need a lot of thinking but I will say this. I wonder how many more will need to open before the novelty wears off? How many more until the smashed burger has more establishments that are not that good or jsut bad compared to excellent? Here’s hoping that never happens…

Out of 7 Sinners Burger scores 7

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