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GTA Locations:

3795 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, M8W 1R2



I’ve heard so much about Woody’s (on the internet that is) that I just had to try it and since I was somewhat in the area I thought what better time than now. So I googled the location, drove over, almost missed it due to it being right there after turning from Brown’s Line, parked and went in.

First impression: Very fancy.

Second impression: Not as fancy as I first thought.

So their menu is listed on chalkboards. They got burgers, pulled pork, chicken, specialty burgers, more specialty burgers, lots and lots of toppings. I ordered my usual burger with the usual toppings. I ordered the single burger as it was 7 ounces. If it was 6 I’d get a double. I also ordered fries and a Coke. Toppings for the burger were placed on the burger at the time of pick up.

I watched the burger go on the grill. Fresh patty, made in house, pre flattened and papered. On the grill it went and then I awaited my food. I asked for my Coke when the meal was ready but I started to cough, got real thirsty and dry and had to ask for my drink between gasps and coughs. So with my drink in hand I waited maybe 10 minutes (pre and post drink) and my burger was ready.

I got the usual toppings and asked for crispy onions on the side. Once I tasted the burger for the review I would add them to it because if crispy onions are available then crispy onions I will get. Sadly I couldn’t dig into the fries first like usual as they weren’t ready yet. So I took my burger over to my table sat down and looked it over.

Everything looked good and fresh and delicious. Nothing wilted and old. Before biting into the burger I took a sampling of crispy onions to my palette. Delicious. Then I dug into the burger. Tasty, very tasty. Very good. One of the better grilled burgers I have had. The bun was fresh, bouncy, hearty. All the toppings flavours came through and nothing ended up overpowering each other.

The meat too was very good. It had a good texture, a nice flavour and was cooked just the way I like (well done) and it was juicy. I was very pleased with what I was eating. It also fit the bun perfectly, leaving no scraps at the end.  I have to be honest. I was expecting a generic, same as everyone else burger but I was surprised, pleased and happy that it wasn’t. When I put the onion crisps on it took it to a whole other level.

My fries came half way through the burger. They were good. They were the kind that had maybe one or two that were two thick. The kind that tasted better once they cooled from the frier (just a few minutes–like 3 maybe) rather than fresh out. They were fries that I liked but not that I rave about.

So that’s my Woody’s experience and I would love to go back. I’m not sure I will though as it is really far out of my way but if I’m craving one or I’m close by I promise you dear reader, I promise the owner of Woody’s and I promise myself: I will be back.

Out of 7 The Burger Hut scores 6

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