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burger hut

** I want to thank Tasty Burgers for letting me use this image (that I stole). Please visit and follow their blog as well at: www.tastybugers.ca


804 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, M2K 1C3

Today I went to The Burger Hut, a small hole in the wall type place that has been around forever, hasn’t changed it’s look, and that people love. I had never been there before and based on what I heard, it’s longevity and my need to try every burger under the sun in the GTA I thought it was high time to give it a shot.

Entering The Hut at around 4:00 on a Saturday there was one other person waiting for there food. I walked up to the counter and took a minute to peruse the menu. Only looking at the burgers I had options. A 4 oz or 6 oz steakhouse burger. Asking the difference I was told size but same meat. Instead of two 4 oz patties I opted for the 6 oz single with fries and coke. All in it came to less than ten bucks. Not bad.

The burger was ordered and I watched it cook on the grill. The cook placed a preformed patty on the grill. It looked like it could of been frozen but it might not of been. It took a few minutes, a few flips and then it was ready. Placed on a decent sized bun I got to pick my toppings. I chose, as per usual, tomato, onion, mustard, ketchup, lettuce and only one pickle (they were thick and large).

Sitting down I dug into the fries, which were generic frozen straight cut McCain style fries but none the less they were tasty. Sometimes you just can’t go wrong with these type of chips. After about a dozen fries I looked over my burger before I was to taste it. The patty was thick, it covered the majority of the bun, which was a traditional white bun with enough heft and bounce to seemingly keep it all together. Tomatoes were fresh, lettuce was shredded iceberg, onions were diced white (the best way) and fresh looking and the pickle was very thick and looked mighty vinegary.

I took a bite, and based on my last burger (Mama’s Boys) I was expecting to be heavily disappointed. There was after all nothing special looking about this burger. But it defied my bad thoughts and was actually quite tasty. It had a nice flavour, if somewhat generic, it was juicy enough (maybe a tad more would of been better) and the topping flavours all came through nicely. Even the pickle was better than expected.

Sure it wasn’t the best burger or the most gourmet but for a potentially frozen patty in a place that doesn’t look all that great and could serve up mediocrity on a bun this burger worked surprisingly well. It was tasty, juicy enough, flavourful and I had no problem finishing the whole thing. The texture was maybe a bit tougher than I wanted but again the burger was pretty damn good. I have had much worse at many places and many times.

While enjoying my burger, sipping my coke and picking at my fries at least a half dozen more people came in and ordered burgers off the menu. They have other things on the menu too but these people all knew right away what they wanted. It was burgers burgers and more burgers. I’d be back for one if I was in the neighbourhood for sure.  I wouldn’t run back but I’d be hard pressed to say I wouldn’t eat that burger again.

Out of 7 The Burger Hut scores 5

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