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6669 St, Clair Avenue West, Toronto, M6C 1B2



When it comes to this blog and my reviews of all things burgers I generally stick to the strictly burger joints in the GTA. But considering that The Stockyards menu is pretty much 50% burgers and that the burger itself I always considered my favourite I thought it high time I review the burger.

As I was in the area during lunch hours on a Sunday I thought I’d pop in and get myself my usual. I parked, I walked over, I saw a huge line. It was 2:00 in the afternoon. I spoke with some folks at the back of the line. They were the last for a table before they closed (and reopened in the evening). I was starving for this burger so take-out it had to be.

I squeezed my way into the very small and super packed restaurant and went to the take-out counter. I perused the menu and although I am told that they have the best fried chicken in the city I can never order it because their burger is just that damn good. Of course they have the obligatory speciality burgers on the menu and of course I didn’t order one. Instead I ordered a single patty (I was low on funds) well done with ketchup, mustard and the usual toppings (onions, tomato, lettuce and pickles), topping it all off with fries and a glass bottled Coke.

8 minutes later my food was ready and bagged and off I went to eat it in my car. I took the box out of the bag and opened it to see a burger and hand cut golden fries. I had a few fries, which were excellent (some of the best in the city) and washed it down with a sip of Coke before digging into the burger.

Looking at the burger I was disappointed. Why? Because it was a single patty and looked small. It wasn’t that small but I like my doubles. Plus cooked well done it had shrunk in comparison to the bun but it wan’t to off (like at Wahlburgers). A couple pickles, thinly sliced red onions, thinly sliced tomatoes and an assortment of green lettuce’s. A couldn’t admire it to long as I couldn’t wait to eat this burger.

Taking the first bite the juices poured out of the burger and landed thankfully in the box. This could be very messy and I could spill everywhere. I savoured the burger in my mouth. My god was it delicious. Griddled to perfection, just enough crust, so juicy, so tender, I was in burger heaven. Usually I eat about half the burger and then return to the fries and go back and forth. This time out I wolfed down the burger in what could only be described as less than a minute. I wanted another one when I was done.

I will say that perhaps they put on too much mustard and perhaps the pickles could be less vinegary but regardless this is by far one of the best burgers if not the best burger in the city. There is a reason they always have a line up, there is a reason people talk about the place, the reason is their burgers (and their fried chicken and probably everything else).

Is there anything else I could or should say about this burger? Other than next time I am bringing more money as to get the double, no there isn’t. Just go. Go whenever you can. Be prepared to wait for a table or spot at the bar and be prepared to keep coming back. Go. Go now. Go right now.

Out of 7 The Stockyards SmokeHouse and Larder scores 7

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