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GTA Location:

210 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, M6J 2Z9



Today fellow readers I will be reviewing BQM. Now this is a tough place to review. Not so much the review but the place. Let me explain. The place is called BQM which stands for one of three things. It’s either Burgershoppe Quality Meats, Bear and Quality Meats or Butcher Quality Meats. Do a search on google and you’ll find all three and those who are writing about the place are positive they have the name right.

But the hardest thing when it comes to reviewing this burger is choosing the location. They have three locations from what I can see but from what else I can see all three locations are different and perhaps have different menus and ‘quality’. So how do I review this place and have it speak to all the locations and finally which location do I go to?

Well what I decided to do is go to one location and review it as though they were the only location. I picked the location on Ossington, which I think is the first location and which I had been to many many years ago. I got in my trusty auto and drove the 45 minutes to get there. I parked on a side street for free parking and walked the 1 minute distance away I was. Entering the front door I had to walk through a dark curtain and into the restaurant. It was very busy, very very busy and I took the last table. I sat and sat and waited and waited. After about 10 minutes the waitress saw me (this is a sit down burger place) came over and apologized saying she didn’t see me. She was pretty, she was nice, I didn’t really mind.

Now I would list a few of the specialty burgers at this point or discuss the two choices of beef patty (used to be three) they have on offer and how I wanted to have a double burger with one of each patty but I heard the waitress say it was an old menu that had changed and that there was only one patty that was a combination of both beefs that were offered. So when she came to me and took my order I first asked how much for a double patty (not listed). She said it was four dollars but because she had made me wait she’d not charge me. Fantastic! I made sure the burger was well, that it would have ketchup and mustard (I do that myself I was told), onions, tomato, pickle and lettuce, ordered it with fries and coke and she was on her way.

Skip to about 10 minutes later and out comes my burger and fries. I tasted the fries and after two or three of them decided to move onto the burger which means that I wasn’t to happy with the fries. Not that they were bad because it’s hard to make a bad fried potato but they were far from exceptional.

So before I bit into the burger I had a look at it. Not much onion, full leaf lettuce, two thinly sliced tomatoes (that I had to move around as they were piled on top of each other and a decent amount of pickles. The patties were griddled and I believe smashed which means they were doing things different from the last time I was there. They were nicely crusted and together they were the perfect size for the sesame seed bun. One patty might of left a bit to much bun by the time you were done.

But enough about the look, it’s time to tell you what I thought after I bit into the burger. It was of course a good tasting burger that was juicy and crumbled in my mouth as I ate it. I mean, it was a griddled burger which is the best way to cook a burger in my honest opinion, so how could it not be good? But it wasn’t the best griddled burger I have ever had. Compared to other places that serve this type of burger I found the flavour a bit bland. There was flavour but not much. I could of used more onion to ‘beef’ up the flavour. What flavour was there was tasty but I wanted more.

I still liked the burger, it still satisfied my need and urge to eat something so delicious and to be honest it was a lot better than the first time I had been there and at that time I had been disappointed. I wolfed down the burger but with every bite I thought how Burger’s Priest and Holy Chuck and Five Guys and Fresh Burger and The Burgernator did the same but only better. Then when I was about 3/4 of the way through my burger, instead of just crumbling in my mouth the burger patties fell apart in my hands. I had to spend a few minutes putting together the burger again and when that didn’t work I had to somewhat shovel the remaining burger bits into my mouth.

So at the end of the day the service was good, the fries okay and the burger was good. Not the best burger, maybe the worst griddled burger I have had yet but still it was griddled and that’s a plus. I’d eat this burger again if I was in the area but if I was at Spadina and Queen I’d go to the Burger’s Priest every time over BQM.

Out of 7 BQM scores 5

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