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GTA Location:

269 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, M5T 2M1



The things I do for you my dear readers and followers. I tell you it could be a big pain sometimes but I always follow through. What happened this time? Well, if you remember my last review The Gourmet Burger Company royally pissed me off so I went to Burger Stomper instead. So for this review my anger had dissipated and I decided to go back to finally review their burger.

I liked their burger from what I remember and they were one of the first Gourmet burger joints in the city. So I drove out to Parliament to the original location (I think) and guess what? It was closed. Then I went to the location on Adelaide and guess what? It was closed too. I was in traffic, I was driving for a very long time and all for naught. It appears that The Gourmet Burger Co is officially out of business. Kind of sad if you think about it.

But I needed a burger, not just ’cause I was in the mood for one and I was starving but for you dear reader, for you. So I took a bearing of my surroundings and decided to go try The Burgernator in Kensington Market. I trekked over to the area and had to circle three times before I found adequate parking. I walked over and walked in to The Burgernator, a place I had never been before.

And it was busy, so very busy. Was this due to the fact that it is a good burger or because of it’s location. I was about to find out. I waited in line and ordered my burger. A double ham, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, with fries and a can of coke. The ketchup and mustard I do myself.

When I was done ordering a table for four opened up. I felt a little bad taking it but I didn’t want takeout and I didn’t want to stand. As I waited for my griddled, smashed burger to cook I perused the menu on the chalkboard wall. Pretty much par for the course and very similar to the likes of all the other burger chains out there. Specialty burgers, massive burgers, boring (like mine) burgers, fries, sweet potato fries, milkshakes. But they had no bacon on the menu, beef bacon but no other. Was this a Halal place? Would that lower the quality? (No offence but I just don’t like Halal meat.)

My burger was delivered out to me and the first thing I noticed was that there was no top bun. I asked the guy for one and he gave me look but brought one out for me. After the top bun came I put on the ketchup and mustard and dug into the fries which were good but not great; home cut, nicely fried but I’ve had better. Not to many fries later I looked over my burger.

Now the people next to me had delicious looking and large burger patties. That’s what I saw when they were eating. They were gone now so I couldn’t compare but looking at my burger I can say that these patties were tiny. The bun was much larger and the overall ratio, even with two patties was way off. And the lettuce was a very small piece of iceberg and there was one tomato, which was a perfect size for the burger and three pickles. I don’t think there were onions on my burger.

Things were not looking good. No top bun, very small patties and too large a bun, no onions, chintz lettuce, perhaps Halal? But then I bit into the burger and everything changed. It was delicious. It was juicy, It was another melt in the mouth fresh burger that could be very addicting. Great texture, great flavour and great quality. So much juice dripped out of this burger as I ate it and it stayed this way the whole time. The flavour reminded me very much of Burger’s Priest and the bun did too. Shockingly and surprisingly there was no bun left when I was done the burger (I did play with the patties to cover the whole bun).

I will say that the pickles were weak. They were kind of sweet and overly vinegary and they overpowered the rest of the burger. I will also say that if I lived around the corner I would be eating at The Burgernator all the time. But due to its small patties, its not as good as the others fries and its weak pickles and the fact that I have to travel to get there I would choose to eat at other places, such as Burger’s Priest and Holy Chuck and Five Guys. Those places I would and have travelled for. It’s really good but not as good as those places for the reasons I listed. It may taste really good, it may be a bit cheaper than others but in the end I want to be full when I’m done and The Burgernator did not do that. Maybe a triple would do?

Out of 7 The Burger Stomper scores 6

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