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Burger Stomper

GTA Location:

364 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, M4K 1N8



So for this burger review I decided to go to The Gourmet Burger Company, a place that I’ve been to a few times and is one of the original ‘gourmet’ burger joints in Toronto. I was heading to a friend’s house and decided the Yonge and Eg location would be ideal. I knew where it was so I didn’t bother to map it out.

So I’m driving south along Yonge Street and pretty soon I’m approaching Eglinton. ‘Weird’ I thought as I could of sworn it was a little further back. I pull over and map it on my phone and yup, I passed it. So I call the number and an Asian lady answers who speaks no English. I guess it’s closed down; I Guess I’m not going there. Would it be to hard for them to mention this on their website?

So I decide to head to the one on Parliament Street, which I believe is the original. I’m fed up though as this is not the first problem I’ve had trying to eat at The Gourmet Burger Company for my review but I do what I must. As I’m heading there I get more and more pissed off about this place so I decide ‘screw that’ and head to the Danforth to try Patty & Frank’s, a place I’ve been wanting to try for over a year.

So I’m on Mt. Pleasant when I decide this and I’m driving south. I must turn left on Bloor Street to get to the Danforth. Well low and behold I end up passing Bloor as there is no turn off. My anger grows at this point and only gets stronger as I realize that I am literally less than a minute away from The Gourmet Burger Company by the time I’m almost turned around and heading back to Bloor.

So I trudge on to Patty & Frank’s and once on the Danforth, which is where it is located, I get stuck in stand still traffic. Stand still traffic for no reason. Three lights ahead there is no traffic but where I am there is. I grip my steering wheel tighter and continue to trudge forth. Finally I get to Patty and Franks’s and I look in the window to see the lights off and the chairs up. What the hell? Who the hell closes a burger shop on a a Saturday night?

So I continue to drive east, smoke fuming from my ears, curse words spouting from my mouth. I want a burger and I want one now. There is no more stand still traffic at least and I’m sailing smooth. So I decide on Burger Stomper, a place I ate at once when it first opened and from what I remember was located a little further ahead. I drive. I drive some more. I keep driving. Where the hell is this place?. So I pull over and map it on my phone; it’s way back near the start of the Danforth. My hairs are on end and my teeth are grinding in anger.

So I turn around on side streets and start heading back west on the Danforth. Suddenly I’m stuck in stand still traffic and much like before there is no reason for this. It’s last about 5/10 minutes and then I’m off to the races. I finally get to Burger Stomper but Can’t find a parking spot. I turn on the first street after it and there is no parking there either. In fact there is no parking anywhere. I circle the area three times for a spot and get nothing. This place is jam packed with people or maybe it’s just people’s cars?

So I decide to park right in front of Burger Stomper. You can’t park there but I can literally see my car from the window. I park, enter the Stomper and peruse the menu. It’s huge, filled with specialty burgers, sliders and a variety of toppings you can add. Shakes, fries, O rings and such are there as side options. I choose the classic which has a patty, a bun (obviously), ketchup, onion, lettuce and tomato. I ask for pickles, mustard and to make it a combo with fries and a coke (a can).

So I sit and wait for my food. I look at the grill, it’s a griddled burger, on a flat top and it looks okay. The last time I was here I thought ‘that was alright but nothing special’. It looked just like I remembered. These patties, as they proudly state, are made with a patented burger press they invented that makes uniform patties that cook perfectly. Whatever? The whole time I’m waiting for my food I am getting up to see if I can see the parking ticket guy coming my way. Nope, he is no where to be seen.

So my food comes, after an exceptionally long time. There is a huge order of 8 or 9 people, plus two other orders, in front of me and the ticking of the clock of when the parking ticket guy is coming probably made the time feel even slower. I’ve got my coke, lots of fries and my double burger. As per yush I delved into the fries first but this time I only had one or two before I dug into the burger. The fries tasted alright and they together with the first sip of Coke helped to ease the tension this journey had created.

So the burger looked good in front of me.  A nice looking bun, good and fresh looking toppings and the patties looked mighty fine as well. Better than from the cooking area. I will say that there was nowhere near enough pickles on my burger and maybe another piece or two of onion could of been good. There was plenty of chopped lettuce though and two slices of perfectly thick and red tomatoes.

So I bit into the burger. And you know what I did next? I started to devour it. This burger was amazing tasting. It was cooked perfectly well, with no pink yet it was tasty and juicy and moist. It melted in my mouth as I ate it. It had a great texture and flavour and for all intensive purposes there was a party in my mouth and everyone was having the best of times. I couldn’t stop eating my burger, pausing once or twice for a sip of coke but ignoring the fries completely.

So I guess what happened was that my first time at Burger Stomper I did not have the true experience. I don’t know what happened that day but today this burger was magical. It was perfect and oh so good. It was a perfect combination of meat to bun to topping to condiment ratio (short a few pickles though). It was so good it melted in my mouth. It was so good I ignored everything else on my plate. Usually I go back and forth between burger and fires but I just couldn’t stop. After one bite I just wanted another. If this burger was a woman, I’d ask it to marry me. If it were a man, he’d be my best bro.

So I’ve got about three bites left of my burger and I look out my window. There I see the dreaded parking ticket guy. I’ve got my burger to finish and all my fries. He’s standing right there using his machine to make a ticket. I rush to get my coat on and grab my belongings while eating through the rest of the burger. I jam the last bite in, grab my Coke and head for the door. I walk up to to the guy, expecting to be handed a ticket but he’s working on the car in front of me first. Thank God! He sees me and says ‘You’re lucky. This is a no parking zone and you didn’t buy a parking ticket.’ ‘Sorry’ I say as he cancels something on the ticket machine thingy. He shakes his head and walks onto the next car.

So Burger Stomper, even though I was super angry when I got there, was super rushed as not to get a parking ticket and never got to finish or judge the fries, turned out to be amazing. It was truly exceptional and defied my memories and my expectations. I don’t remember a perfect burger here last time but it was perfect this time and it was so good that all the troubles it took to get there just melted away after bite number one. I can’t wait to go back and eat it again, I just can’t.

Out of 7 The Burger Stomper scores 7

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