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GTA Locations:

46 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, M5V 1J6



Having watched a bit of the show and being a fan of Mark Wahlberg (his acting) and Donnie Wahlberg (his acting too) I really wanted to try this burger. I waited forever for it to open here and now finally it has. A buddy of mine really wanted to go with me so we trekked down midweek to try out Wahlburgers.

Now if your last name is Wahlburger and you want to open a restaurant you can’t get much better than a burger place as it just makes sense with a name like that. Also, when you are two parts celebrity (out of three) then you have the money to make it look and feel however you want. Whalburgers Toronto is mostly a sit down, get served establishment with a  take out section inconveniently located in the back and a sit down area, for the takeout patrons, located upstairs. We chose to do takeout as I was illegally parked and didn’t want to get a ticket.

I ordered first. I ordered what they call a double stack (nearly a half pound of meat). Two patties, with the usual toppings, fries and a coke. I asked for no Wahl Sauce and replaced it with ketchup and mustard. My friend ordered the same thing, only he got his as is. I asked how it was cooked and was told well done which was perfect. My friend ordered the onion rings instead of fries. We payed separately; here’s how that went.

Counter Girl (CG): That’ll be $19.50

Me: I’m sorry what?

CG: That’s $19.50

Me (Reading the board and the prices and making sure of what I ordered or that I was charged the right thing): Wow! Really? What did I just order.

My bud’s food came to the same cost. We waited at the counter; it didn’t take that long and when we got it we went upstairs to eat. It was us and staff. We ate, the staff counted money.

Now I was not expecting this burger to be the greatest. I wasn’t expecting Boogie Nights, more so I was expecting The Italian Job. In other words I didn’t think it would be an award winning burger but I did think it would be a fun time and half way decent. So I expected The Italian Job and instead I got Planet of the Apes. And by that I mean the burger looked good but when you sat down and ate it it all fell apart.

Let’s mention the fries first though. They were pretty bad (well they were okay) but they were generic McCain fries, very generic. My pal’s onion rings weren’t onion rings, they were onion strings and although tasty (the best thing I tried) they belonged as a condiment and not a side.

Okay, let’s discuss this burger. I opened my Big Mac style box and saw a glorious looking bun; golden and large and pretty. I touched it. It felt good too. I picked up the burger and took off the top bun to see what I was in for and suddenly things started to look bad. Sure the toppings were fine (the lettuce was not iceberg) but the patties were small. Wait, not small but minuscule. They were like Mcdonald’s patty sized, there was no way in hell that this was almost a half pound of meat.

I bit into the burger and more disappointment flooded my way. The patties were okay but they tasted like a generic beef patty. Were these fresh or frozen or pre-made? I could not tell at all (the grill guy was behind a wall so I could not see what he was doing). It wasn’t too dry but it just wasn’t very good, it was passable but that’s about it. That’s the nicest way to say it I guess.

There were onions on the burger but I couldn’t taste them. I did see them. The pickles were a bit under pickled, the lettuce was good but had no crispness to it. The mustard was house made and was probably the second best thing about the burger. The best thing was the bun which was moist and delicious and perfectly soft on the inside. It was, though, more than twice the size of the patties I received which makes for a terrible bun to patty ratio.

My partner for the day felt differently. He thought it was a great burger. He wanted me to note that his came medium and to him that made all the difference in the world. They accidentally undercooked it medium and he was pleased. As we discussed what he liked and what he didn’t I mentioned how it was no Five Guys. He said it was much better than Five Guys. I almost slapped him, I almost got up and walked out, I almost lost all respect for him.

I don’t care that he got the Wahl Sauce and that his burger was cooked medium, there is no way that his burger was better than Five Guys. No f’ing way!! This was the most disappointing burger I’ve had in a while. It was the most expensive burger I have had in years. The quality and the size does not merit almost twenty bucks. This place was a let down and without a coupon I do not think I will be back.

At least the coke was good…

Out of 7 Wahlburgers scores 3