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South Street

GTA Locations:

There are over 15 locations scattered throughout the GTA



Today I went with a friend for a burger at South St, Burger. The following is the conversation we had once we were sitting and waiting and eventually devouring our burgers.

Him: What you drinking?

Me: Coke. They used to have Pepsi here and man am I glad they’ve switched over. You?

Him: You’ve been here before?

Me: Yeah. Tons of times. I actually used to go all the time back when I was in college. It’s just up the road from here. What you get on your burger?

Him: I got the 6 oz patty with cajun onions, cheddar, guacamole, hot pepper relish and olives,  on a whole wheat bun. And you?

Me: I got a double 4 oz burger, on a white bun with ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. Oh, and fries. They have New York Fries here. I love New York Fries.

Him: Me too.

A bit later…

Me: How’s the burger?

Him. Good and yours?

Me. Pretty good.

Him: That’s all you can say? I thought you reviewed burgers.

Me: Ok, you want me to review it now?  Fine. You ant me to put down my burger, since I’m only have way through it, let my fries get cold and explain in detail what I actually think. Is that what you want?

Him: Uh Huh.

Me: Okay then… I think it’s a pretty decent burger. I noticed that the patties come from a sealed bag but they don’t taste like frozen patties so I guess they are fresh, never frozen, and then grilled, I was wondering if they have them made especially for themselves or if they use a generic patty? Anyways, it kind of tastes, the patty that is, like Craft Burger, sorry, like Big Smoke burger. It’s very similar but it’s got a little bit of a tougher texture. It is juicy though, just look at all that juice that dripped onto my tray, although, as I ate it it  starting to get a little drier. But the toppings are fresh fresh fresh. I love it when they dice the onions and look, they diced them. I would prefer iceberg to this lettuce. What do you think this is? Romaine? Wait, let me continue before you say anything… The bun is pretty much perfect. It’s tasty, it’s springy, it’s just the right size for these patties and all together, with everything combined, it just barely fits in my mouth. Yeah this is a good burger. They’re toppings that they offer are quite unique which is a plus but I do have to say that taste wise, even though I really like it, it’s just not that original. It does kind of taste like a few other burgers I have had before and considering those places existed first they ain’t going to win any points for originality. I come back here often enough but that’s more due to location than anything. I would return, the prices are good the flavour and quality is apparent. Beef wise it is slightly above average and topping wise they have one of the strongest offerings. Plus they now have Coke and they New York Fries. I can’t say this meal didn’t put a smile on my face…. How’s that? Can I go back to eating now.

Him: Yeah, that was pretty good.

**I actually went by myself to eat and made this conversation up. Lord I need more friends…

Out of 7 South St. Burger scores 5

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