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burger priest

GTA Locations:

129 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, L5G 1E5

1636 Queen Street East, Toronto, M4L 1G3

463 Queen Street West, Toronto, M5V 2A9

1599 The Queensway, EtobicokeM8Z 1V1

7887 Weston Road #6, Vaughan, L4L 2V5

3397 Yonge Street, Toronto, M4N 2N7



Blessed are they who have made a great tasting burger. For when I am in want of burger perfection Thy Burger’s Priest is sure to satisfy.

On what is today, thy day of the sabbath I venture onward to thee, thy third location, over thy hills of Woodbridge, Ontario. I skip with glee as I enter thy door. Thy walls, covered in scripture, thy menu simple and unique.

Blessed is this burger that thy are want to eat. Order I shall and order I did. ‘What can thy get yee oh burger lover?’ thy nubile cashier thus asked. ‘Thy double hamburger I shall feast on, with thy pickles, thy onions, thy lettuce, thy tomatoes, thy ketchup and mustard’, I did respond. ‘Would thee like fries and a drink’, she tempted. Tempted thy was and thusly ordered thee fries and coke.

It happened that I needed to sit and wait for thy feast of feasts. I sat on thy rail along thy wall of scripture and awaited thy golden bread and accompaniments. Not a mere five minutes did thy expeditor of thy burger establishment call out my name and hand me my order.

Oh what glee, what joy, what amusement did thy fries have in store. Golden yellow and thusly fresh cut and fried, thy taste was justly decreed delicious, thy fry, no slave to competition. And I shall carry out judgement on yee fries and thy judgement is they compare to no other. And with an outstretched arm and with little trepidation I do declare thy fries to be a winner.

And they burger, how do thee compare?

Blessed are the chefs that created thy burger. Blessed are they whom bought the beef and thusly ground it in house. Blessed are thee whom made such a multitude of flavours for thy slave of the burger to enjoy. Had thy burger been half as tasty it would of sufficed.

Thy Burger’s Priest has brought thee out of home and across the sea of traffic to thy doors of flavour and enjoyment. Thy burger, and thusly all it’s toppings, be thy greatest of the great where altogether thy toppings and thy meat and thy bun shall blend together and melt in thee mouth. Blessed is the Priest whom has made perfection in burger form.

Blessed is he who has drowned his competition into mediocrity. Thy need only be thy Priest, and all shall pass over the others as thy have not done in the past. And mother’s and father’s shall tell thy child that in this city thy Priest is king, thy Priest is perfection, thy Priest is burger bliss.

Thus it is our duty to laud, to praise, to exalt, to adore, to bless, to elevate and to honour the Priest that has performed thy miracle of burger magic. He took as from average to okay burgers to redemption and celebration. Therefore let us recite a new song of praise, let is recite Hallelujah, Praise Thy Burger’s Priest!

Out of 7 The Burger’s Priest scores 7

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