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GTA Location:

10 Disera Drive Unit 120, Thornhill, L4J 0A7 



Today’s burger adventure took me out to FatBurger, which is the closet burger joint to where I live. I figured it was time to review them here on my site. So I got in my car and drove the very short distance to get there.

I went in and for a late afternoon lunch and it was actually quiet busy, busier than I have seen it since it first opened. I walked up to the counter and took my order after a few questions and reading over the menu. The menu consists of chicken fingers, wings, chicken sandwiches and of course burgers. They have, like so many places these days, specialty burgers and regular burgers. Their regular burgers come in three sizes; BabyFat (4 oz), Fat (6 oz), and King (8 oz).

I ordered a double BabyFat (so 8 oz) with fries and a coke. On the burger I had the usual; mustard, ketchup, onion, tomato, pickle, lettuce. Once I ordered, they gave me a number and my drink and it was my turn to wait for the burger and fries. It took about five to seven minutes and while I waited I looked over at the semi-hidden grill area to see how they were cooked. The burger came out of a drawer, not frozen, fresh and red but already flattened. It’s cooked on a griddle and covered with a metal skillet at times, it looked good as it cooked.

When I got my burger I dug into the fries first. They looked like generic frozen fries; they tasted like generic frozen fries. Not great but not terrible and nowhere near the best or okayest fries I have ever had (their curly fries are better but they are also generic frozen ones). I don’t get why burger places open and pride themselves in their burgers that are fresh fresh fresh and then they just open a frozen bag of fries and serve those?

Let’s move onto the burger, after all that’s why we are here right? So I looked over the burger. The patties were nicely shaped and fit the white spongy bun perfectly. The lettuce was chopped and loaded on the burgers. The onions were diced and there was an ample amount. The pickles were small and few and far between and there was one rather large slice of tomato which seemed like the perfect amount.

Biting into the burger a slew of thoughts flooded into my head. let’s talk the topping thoughts first. The lettuce was very crisp and juicy and maybe the best iceberg lettuce (shape, texture, freshness and juiciness factors) I have had on a burger ever. The pickles were tasty but like I said not enough, the onions were white onions and very flavourful and the tomato was juicy, not stringy and like I said, just the right amount. The toppings were gold.

The bun itself was a good bun. It was starchy, bouncy and held together well throughout the whole burger eating experience. It’s not so gourmet but it’s also no run of the mill burger bun you can buy at any grocer’s. Bun plus toppings were A-okay.

Then there are the patties themselves, potentially the most important part of the whole burger. These patties tasted good but are they the best patties I have ever had? No, no they are not. They taste fresh but they also taste like day old fresh. Sure, they haven’t been frozen but they don’t taste like they were made to order, something other places do a very good job of. They taste like they were preformed and were sitting in the drawer for many an hour. Still not a bad taste and very similar to Johnny Rocket’s. Their texture was a little on the tough side when you chewed; they could be ground a little finer. They stayed juicy and dripping the whole time I ate them; always a good thing.

So how was the overall experience? It was very satisfying and I would return to this place again. In fact, I have returned numerous times. It’s not the best burger in the city but it’s very decent. It is very similar to Johnny Rocket’s (better and fresher toppings here), and the price point is virtually identical. This burger ran me fifteen and change and that’s just a single (or double baby). Burger wise, these places are very very similar and for that Fat Burger gets the same rating. I’ll be back here soon but it’s no Five Guys, who does what they do but better.

Out of 7 FatBurger scores 5

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