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Holy Chuck 1

GTA Locations:

4421 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, L4L 5X9

1458 Yonge Street, Toronto, M4T 1Y7



For today’s review I went to Holy Chuck as per request from Jared, one of my followers. I’ve been to Holy Chuck many times before and tried a variety of their burgers. Today I returned to review them and as is customary, I had my review standard burger.

There are two locations for Holy Chuck as I write this. I ventured out to the closer one, in Woodbridge, which has overnight become a gourmet burger hub for those in the know. Walking in today I was greeted with a line up that extended through the rather large seating area and almost to the door. I had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes before I could even order. This gave me plenty of time to look over the very, very large menu.

Now Holy Chuck has deserts and drinks and shakes and a variety of fry options but what makes the menu ever so large is the burger options. There are 30 burgers on the menu, made with beef or lamb or bacon (yes, bacon patties) or a veggie option or two. Here are two of the 30 burgers:

  • The Farmers Threesome: One beef patty, one lamb patty, one bacon patty, triple cheese, bacon, caramelized onions
  • The Go Chuck Yourself: Six beef patties, six cheese, three bacon, caramelized onions and stacked between three grilled cheese  sandwiches

I could go on for ever with the options they have but I’ll skip to my ordering and eating.

When my time finally came to order I ordered a double hamburger with pickles, tomato, onion and lettuce, fries for a side and a coke (fountain pop that I choose myself), and of course well done. It took 20 minutes to order and only about five minutes for them to make my meal, pretty quick. It also only cost $13.50 (rounded), pretty cheap.

When I got my meal I sat down and dug into the fresh cut shoestring fries which were delicious. Not to small, very thin and full of a robust and delicious fry flavour. I poured ketchup over them and used a fork rather than dipping them. Then it was almost time to devour the burger.

First I took a look at the burger. Two pickles, one slice of tomato, thinly sliced red onion rings and a folded large piece of leaf lettuce that I think was romaine (I know it wasn’t iceberg) but there was no ketchup or mustard. I walked back to the counter, got some mustard and loaded both sides of the buns (which I ordered butterless) with both the ketchup that was on the table and the mustard. Then I bit into it.

And as per usual for Holy Chuck the burger was delicious to the nth degree. Full of juice and flavour and the texture was just perfect. It did taste very much like the burger at Fresh Burger but it was smaller. It melted in my mouth and all I can say is that these beef patties are beef burger heaven. They are quite literally orgasmic, not dry at all, filled with flavour and just outright perfect.

But, with that said, the burger I ate as a whole was not quite perfect. Why not? Well first, the pickles were to overpowering for the burger. They were good, but overpowering, one would of been enough. The tomato was a good size but very thin and I didn’t even notice it was there. And the bun was a white bread bun that was tasty but when I was done I had a fair amount of bun left and no beef left, which is a big beef of mine (pun intended). The patties could of been bigger or the bun smaller, although this could be due to ordering my burger well done. It’s no Five Guys bun but it did the trick and held together very nicely.

When it came to the lettuce it worked nicely on the bun and the onions were plenty and yummy and just the right amount. This was one hell of a good burger and I would return over and over again, which I have, to eat here again and again. The burger I ate I would give a 6 out of 7 due to the pickle and beef to bun ratio but with that said, and I don’t usually do this but I will here, I think the quality of the beef and the variety of toppings for the specialty burgers bumps the burger up a notch. They have so many varieties and tastes and options that the almost perfect basic burger can only get better.

Next time I go I will order a specialty burger. I really wanted, this time, to get The Raging Bull burger. When I return I can almost guarantee that is what I will do. What a place; it kind of took The Burger’s Priest model and went wild with it and it works. Highly highly recommended. And if you go and do The Holy Ghost challenge please tell me how it is.

Out of 7 Holy Chuck scores 7

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