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GTA Locations:

89206 Leslie Street Unit #4, Richmond Hill, L4B 2N8

524 Church Street, TorontoM4Y 2C6



Located in a nondescript strip mall in Richmond Hill on the corner of Leslie and 16th, Fresh Burger is a burger joint that has been around for just over a year. I discovered it last January by googling Best Burgers in York Region. Fresh Burger came up, I had never heard of it, I jumped in my car and sped over.

Cut to today and I returned, for the umpteenth time to eat the burger (first time in a few months) and then to review it. When I walked in I was pleased to see that they had signs that a) stated they were voted best burger in the GTA and b) they had a new location opening in downtown Toronto. There were not many people inside when I walked in but by the time I left the place was full.

I walked up to the counter to order. The menu is simple. Burgers, fries, poutine, drinks. Very simple. There are single, double, prime and double prime burgers. All burgers come with cheese, lettuce, tomato and FreshBurger Sauce (it’s like Big Mac sauce). I ordered my double, no sauce, add ketchup and mustard and pickles and onions and then I requested, as I always do, for it to be well done. It came to a paltry twelve dollars and change. Pretty cheap, no?

Behind the counter was the open kitchen. I watched as fresh cut fries were thrown in the fryer and two fresh balls of ground beef were taken out of a fridge and placed on a flattop to be grilled. The burgers were smashed, salted and cooked. No more than five minutes later they were ready. As I was reviewing this burger I watched the cooking of my patties in detail. When they were taken of the flattop they looked burnt, too burnt. I’ll get back to that later.

I got my food, I grabbed a can of coke from the varied selection in the help yourself fridge and a sat down and dug into the fries. The fries are good, not the best I’ve ever had but still really good. And they were fresh fries as I mentioned before. And unlike many a place I have been to lately that does the same kind of fry, these fries were long and sturdy and you could grab them and dunk them. No small bits (well one or two is inevitable) and that gives these fries an edge over others.

But we are here to talk about and review the burger. I pulled my burger out of the bag it was in and then removed the paper wrapping that kept it all together. Looking at the burger I noticed, again, that it looked burnt and that there was no lettuce on it. Did they forget it? I could of got up and asked for a piece but I didn’t. Another thing I noticed was that the patties were a perfect fit for the bun. When I say perfect, I literally mean perfect. I’ve said that before in other reviews but this is the first time where the diameter of the patty seemed to be the exact same as the bun. Ok then, it was time to dig in.

I bit into the burger and the first thing I noticed was that I was dead wrong. This burger was not burnt at all. It was charred perfectly by the flattop, it was cooked perfectly, it was juicy as all hell. In fact it could be one of the juiciest well done burgers I have ever had. I was in burger heaven. Every bite was amazing, every bite better than the last. The patty had a strong and sturdy texture that at first felt chewy and beefy and in the next moment it melted in your mouth.

As for the toppings, the pickles were vinegary and strong and complimented the burger perfectly. There weren’t many on the burger but there were just enough. The onions were delicious and the tomato was cut just right. The ketchup and mustard was not overly sauced or under sauced. All together every flavour of each topping came through yet left enough room for the amazing beefy flavour to come through too. Now there was no lettuce on my burger but I’m sure based on the rest of the toppings that the lettuce would of been crispy, perfect and just the right amount.

Now a word on the bun. The bun is the perfect size and it tastes fine but it is the weakest part of this burger. Is it a bad bun? Not at all, it’s got a good flavour like I just said but it’s not very hearty. It’s a plain white bread bun and it has all kinds of potential to fall apart while you eat your burger; has this potential to but usually does not happen. It could be a bit more starchy and heavy for a bun.

So there you have it. That’s the Fresh Burger review. The question is what did I score it out of seven? I planned, when I walked in, to give it a 6 (well I wanted to give it a 6 and a half but I don’t do half stars). I wanted this rating because my memories of the burger are great but the bun I always thought could be heftier. Well after eating this burger again for the first time in months I couldn’t give it anything less than perfect. It was amazing and it is definitely one of the best if not the best burger in the city.

I ate the burger about six hours ago. Thinking about it and writing about it I want another one. Right now! It’s that good. I’ll be back shortly, I can promise you that Fresh Burger and fellow readers. I! Will! Be! Back!

Out of 7 Fresh Burger scores 7

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