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Well, today I trekked out to Woodbridge to try a burger that I have never tried before at a place called Stupid Burger. It’s a pretty dumb name if you ask me but then everyone I mention this place to says that and it makes people talk about it and in the end, I guess, that is the point.

But I am not here to talk about the name. I am here to talk about the burger and I was very excited for this burger. It has some good things said about it online and in general I am always excited to try a new burger, especially if it bills itself as a gourmet burger joint.

Stupid Burger is located in a small strip mall on Weston Road and is kind of hard to see. It’s not a very big place and the inside doesn’t look all that great. It’s got a few tables, a pop machine, a pop fridge and it is all rather cluttered and looks as if restaurant design was an afterthought.

The menu, located over the counter, on the other hand is massive and sprawled out and is easy to read and nicely designed. There are many options to be had for the burgers ranging from a hamburger to specialty beef burgers to veggie and chicken burgers. Then there are the ‘Gourmet Burgers’ which feature kangaroo or lobster or Kobe beef amongst other things. They also have a variety of toppings (like zucchini or pineapple chutney or smoked buck) and aioli’s that can be added to any burger (or come on the specialty burgers).

I order a double burger, well a 6oz hamburger with an extra patty and the usual generic toppings, and made it a combo with fries and a drink. The drink was root beer as this sadly is a Pepsi establishment. The damage came to just under $12.50 which is pretty damn cheap these days. I sat and waited, reading over the menu. I would of loved to see the burger being cooked and built but there is no view to the kitchen.

After what felt like 5 minutes, not very long at all, my food was ready. I dug into the fries first which were amazing. Similar to the fries at The Acme Burger Company in shape and size they were crispy outside, soft inside and ridiculously addictive. I loved them but after a few I had to stop and try the burger. I washed my mouth out with a bit of root beer, unwrapped my paper wrapped burger and got ready to dig into it.

The first thing I noticed, before the bite even, was that the size of this burger was huge. Huge. It was probably the biggest bun I have seen so far and yet the patties fit nicely on it. The bun was toasted, perhaps a tad too much as the top and bottom were a little more crispy than I usually like or want. It wasn’t so bad that it would ruin the burger though. I lifted the top bun and got a quick look at the toppings. Thin sliced tomato, water soaked soft onion strips, shredded lettuce and shredded pickles.

So how did this burger taste? It was alright I guess. Not the best burger but like many of the average burgers it was very middle of the road. It was beefy and tasty but there was no juice and it was way too dry. The onions were amazing, the tomatoes to thin to really taste. The lettuce fresh but not enough of it and the pickles were good but suffered the same fate as the lettuce by not being enough.

Back to the patty itself it was, like I said, to dry. It was a grilled burger and they use Angus beef (everyone does these days it seems). Maybe it was just my burger or maybe they cook all of them this way but as a first timer it was a little upsetting. It also crossed my mind that this burger was so well cooked that it couldn’t of been put on the grill when I ordered it. Maybe I waited longer than 5 minutes? Maybe?

Now if the burger was less dry, the bun a little less toasted and the toppings had a little more care put in them (sans the onions) then I’m sure this would be a much better burger. Again, maybe it was just mine and they aren’t usually like this. I’m also sure that if you were to order one of the signature burgers it would probably be a lot better. And if you were to have a Kobe beef or Kangaroo or Lobster burger maybe they would blow you out of the water (if you dare eat such a thing).

But as a standard burger, based on my one and only experience, it needs a bit of work. It’s not a burger I would run back for but if I was in the area I would return; there is just to much competition out there these days. All week I have been very excited to go out and try this burger. I walked in, ordered and tasted the fries and my excitement only grew. I bit into the burger and all the excitement went out the window. Like I said, it’s not a bad burger, I just wish it had been better.

Maybe I’ll come back and review the Kobe beef burger some day?

Out of 7 Stupid Burger scores 4

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