**Originally published on 09/20/2014

GTA Location:

7123 Yonge Street, Thornhill, L3T 2A8



I’ve been going to Golden Star for years, since 1988, which would mean I have been going since I was nine, and potentially eight years of age.  I used to order the double hamburger and I was never that thrilled with it, although people from all over raved about the burger.

It wasn’t until, let’s say…umm…1998, that I tried the All Star Burger on their menu and it was then that I discovered what everyone was talking about. The All Star, unlike the regular (or double) burger, is no run of the mill frozen patty. No sir! This burger is a homemade patty that they make in house and is (as far as I can tell) never frozen. It is grilled over an open flame and you get to pick your toppings as the grill guy grills the burger on the grill in the background.

Today I went to Golden Star for the sole purpose of reviewing the All Star. Only, as my rules suggest, I was in need of a double (which they do have; it’s just not listed). I recommend a single as it is more than enough but for the purposes of this review a double it was. I selected the requisite toppings: tomato, onion, ketchup,mustard and pickle and when it was ready I sat down to eat this gargantuan burger.

Now I repeat: A single is more than enough, with fries. A single is 6 oz of beef (I think) and the fry portion is plenty. This time around I had one bite of burger left and half the fries and trust me when I say I was more than stuffed and could not and would not eat another bite. I could of used more Coke though.

This burger fits nicely on the bun. Pre-cooked it is larger than the bun; once cooked it is just a tad to small for the nice fresh, large and tasty bun. When you bit into the burger all the toppings, sans the lettuce, come through nicely with strong and yummy flavours. Fresh tomatoes and onions, the ketchup on one side, the mustard on the other and strong and delicious pickles covering almost the whole burger. Sadly the lettuce wasn’t crisp enough and therefore with or without the lettuce the burger would be exactly the same.

Now the patty. Mmm mmm what a patty. As mentioned above this is a homemade patty. It’s like the one your momma would make. It’s got a few spices or herbs in it and usually I would say this is a no no but here at Golden Star it works wonders. This patty is juicy juicy juicy and it is tasty tasty tasty. It is beefy and yummy and tastes like it was made fresh to order.

Everything on this burger (except that  soft lettuce) works together to give your mouth a taste explosion like no other. A taste explosion that is unique to Golden Star alone. There is a reason why people come from miles, why this place is so busy, why it has lasted so many years and why it makes top ten lists every year around the GTA. The All Star Burger is the reason and in my opinion it might just be the greatest old school, truck stop style burger out there.

How I missed this burger on the menu when I was younger I’ll never know but as long as they exist and as long as I can get there I will be coming back for more, again and again and again.

Out of 7 Golden Star scores 6