UPDATE: Burgy’s is now closed…


GTA Locations:

7000 Bathurst Street #3 , Thornhill, L4J 7L1 



Burgy’s is a small one off kosher burger place on the north-west corner of Bathurst and Steeles. It’s been around a few years now and it gets really busy after the Jewish Sabbath and right before Jewish holidays. It can get busy at other times too. I have eaten there on numerous occasions and always found it to be delicious, and the best kosher burger around. I expected to go in there today and write a rave review.

Now as of a few weeks ago, or possibly a few months ago, Burgy’s experienced a change of management. Today was the first time I have been in there since this change occurred. The first thing that struck me was how the place looked. It looked run down (with new management?) and old. The signage above the grill and counter was falling apart, menu items were crossed off with what appeared to be black tape. It’s okay if a place looks old and a little rundown, it could be part of it’s charm but here it did not work, especially since I remember newer and better signage the last time I was there. It’s as if the old owner took his signs with him and the new owner couldn’t be bothered to make his own and found the old dirty ones in the storage closet.

When it comes to the burger itself there use to be more choice, two kinds, one homemade one not. Now it’s just the homemade. They also have a variety of toppings ranging from the traditionals to a limited few exotics such as mushrooms, sauted onions and grandma peppers. As this place is kosher there is no cheese or bacon but they do have fried salami as a topping and it works really well.

This time out I ordered my review special, a double burger with onions, tomato, lettuce, pickle, ketchup and mustard.I ordered the combo with fries and a (can) of coke. The burger is a grilled burger, all beef and no added ingredients. Beef (and salt?) and that’s it. As I watched the cook load my bun I was already somewhat disheartened. The lettuce was kind of brown, the one tomato slice was super thin, the other super thick and the amount of onions amounted to diddly-squat.

After about 8 or 9 minutes I got my food and drink. I was told that the coke was not very cold (why the hell did they not stock a popular–the most popular– drink in the fridge before they opened?). I opted for the coke anyways. I sat down and had to get back up to find the inconveniently placed napkins and had to ask for a bottle of ketchup. I was handed, from a fridge, a glass bottle of Heinz.

Now Burgy’s does have hand made fries (I think) and they taste rather good but I remember them being long and tasty and abundant. Here all I got was what looked like remnants. I saw other peoples fries so I know that they don’t always look like what I got. They were so small it was impossible to eat them without using a fork to scoop them up (like soup). I couldn’t even dip them in the ketchup or pour ketchup on them in an evenly dispersed manner. Speaking of the ketchup it was the type that tasted like it was either an old volpack (large industry bag used to refill bottles), a large old can used to refill or a brand other than Heinz that was put into a Heinz bottle. In other words it either wasn’t Heinz or it was Heinz that had gone a bit off.

Let’s cut to the chase and review this burger that was always so good and that I had come back here today specifically to spread the word of it’s almighty tastiness. Well before I even took a bite I noted that the patty was no longer the same size as it once was. And it did not cover (a double worked well for this) the whole bun. There was a lot more bun to burger ratio than needed. The bun itself was large and with a single patty it would of been to much. It’s the type of bun that someone like Wendy’s would call ‘gourmet’ but in reality it’s a slightly over starched bun that is way to heavy for a traditional burger and much to big for the patty.

The patty itself was smaller as I mentioned. It used to be bigger and a single (with salami–known as the Zalami Burger) was more than enough in a combo. This time out my double with fries was just barely enough (and this is lunchtime where I never eat as much as dinner). And the patty was dry. It was tasty but it was dry. It was weird because when I first picked up the burger it was dripping and there was grease on my paper lined plate but when I bit into it it was dry. Not to dry but dry enough for me to notice. It still tasted good but not as good as it used to be. It was beefy, a little tough but had a nice chew to it, and tasted fresh. But as I said, it was too dry.

The toppings were a surprise too. The first thing I noticed was that the lettuce was crisp and tasty. Very tasty as I could taste it in every bite. This was the biggest surprise as by the look of the lettuce I thought it had spelled disaster. Then I notice the pickles were almost flavourless and added nothing to the burger. Another surprise as you would think a Kosher place would have delicious kosher pickles (a Jewish specialty). There was also not enough onions on the burger and finally half the burger had not enough tomato with the other half was too much–the sad result of the super thick and super thin tomato slices I received.

So in the end I had to review this burger as that is what I came here to do. And although I still think it was one of the best kosher burgers I ever had it was nowhere near what it used to be. And although I once would of rated the burger itself at least a 5, the run down ambience and the minuscule fries and the bad ketchup and the lower quality and smaller patty burger is making me drop this review done a notch. On it’s own the burger was decent but based on the experience I had versus what this place once was it can only get at most a 4.

I would much rather drive 5 minutes down the road to golden star for a cheaper and better burger. Sorry Burgy’s but you need to re up your game…

Out of 7 Burgy’s scores 4