Taking a cue from Tastyburgers.ca I decided to write my own burger reviews and as a starting point I am going to go through Tasty Burgers spots starting from the first post to the last. I will try to get one review done a week, Saturday being the day I trek out for the burger.

Now a little about me. I love burgers!!! Love ’em!! Perhaps too much but still I can’t get enough and I’ll try one anywhere and everywhere. If I’m at a place that serves a burger you can pretty much guarantee that if I’ve never had it then that’s what I’ll be ordering. Over the last three or four years the GTA has exploded with options for burgers so now I eat more of them than ever.

Thanks to the Tasty Burger site for this idea and just like that site I will list my rules to reviewing the burgers:

Rule #1

The burger must be beef. No pork, no chicken, no veal. A burger is only a burger when it’s beef. And whenever possible it must be a double patty.

Rule #2

When ordering a burger it must have the same toppings as all the other burgers I have ordered. You can’t compare a burger with fried onions and tzatziki to a burger without it, you just can’t. So my choice of toppings and what makes a great burger to me is tomato, pickle, lettuce, onion, ketchup and yellow mustard. That’s it. Nothing else.

Rule #3

Some might argue this rule but hey, they are my reviews not yours. The burger must be cooked to well (not burnt) done. No pink or red in the meat. I am not a fan of undercooked (medium well and below) meat. Also, many a place won’t cook a burger less than well so it’s only fair to compare equally cooked burgers.

Rule #4

Location. Location. Location. The burger place must be in the Greater Toronto Area. With that in mind the Greater Toronto Area is huge. I will define it’s borders as if I was sitting in a car at Yonge and Steeles (the northernest part of Toronto) and if I were to drive any direction for maximum an hour than I am still in the GTA.

Rule #5

Follow rules 1 to 4.

There you go. Hopefully you read these reviews and if you are like me and love a good burger and have followed Tasty Burger’s reviews then this will offer a second opinion. Please feel free to comment and if you have eaten at the place of review or eat at if after then comment, comment, comment. And finally… Please follow me if you like these reviews.

Ok, onto burger joint #1…