Originally published on 09/27/2014

GTA Locations:

500 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M5S 1Y3

735 The Queensway, Etobicoke, M8Z 1M8



I’ve eaten at this place a few times and I always found it to be a decent burger. A burger worth repeating and a burger that had a good taste. I never thought it to be the best in the city but it definitely wasn’t the worst, not by a long shot.

Now their burger menu is quite large. 4 ounce burgers, 6 ounce burgers and 8 ounce burgers. Then they have specialty burgers and they have a whole slew of toppings. Guacamole, mushrooms and olives are a few of the ones I can remember. They also have a variety of cheeses and they make their fries fresh.

This time though I was in need (for consistency) of a double. So I stepped to the counter and perused my options. A double 8 ounce or 6 ounce was to much; a single 8 ounce would be perfect. So I asked the guy behind the counter for an 8 ounce burger but with two 4 ounce patties. He was more than happy to oblige. I ordered the combo with the fries and a coke.

I ordered, I payed and my total was ten and change. As I was paying I saw the burgers hit the grill. They seemed fresh, not frozen, which is always a plus. After about 5 minutes I was called up to pick my toppings. I picked the usual: pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, ketchup. These toppings were placed on a perfectly toasted sesame seed bun. About two minutes later my food was ready and I was about to dig in.

Before I get to the burger here is a quick note about the fries. I remember not liking the fries at Acme. I remember them being to thick and not cooked enough, not crispy enough, not fry like enough. They tasted more like potato, or baked potato. This time though they were delicious. Cooked perfectly, crispy, tasty, hot, yummy. So good that I ate a bunch (it was only supposed to be one) before I even tasted the burger.

So the burger how was it this time? As per the other times I have eaten here it is decent enough. You can taste the freshness of the beef and it tastes rather good. It’s grilled, not smashed or griddled or flat topped. Maybe, just maybe it is a little blander than most fresh beef patties but it’ll do the job in a pinch. I’m pretty sure the bun is the same for all 3 size burgers and the 4 ounce patty seems to fit nicely on the bun. I guess the bun could be smaller but I’m talking millimetres here. I also thought the patty to be a little on the dry side. It worked fine with ketchup and mustard but it could of been a tad more juicy.

So the patty and the bun work, what about the toppings? At first, and by that I mean the way they look, I thought the pickles would suck. They looked way to vinegary. Well I was wrong. They were delicious (at least in conjunction with everything else on the burger). The tomatoes were tasty, the lettuce was a full crisp piece (not shredded) and the right amount of ketchup and mustard was placed on one side of the bun making the slightly dry patty go unnoticed unless you think about it. Sadly though the onions were lacking. They weren’t crisp and they looked rather old and soggy when he placed them on my burger. They were red onions though and they tasted okay (as onions generally do).

Overall The Acme Burger Company is a pleasant eating experience and one that I would recommend if you are in the area. It’s not the best burger put it passes the test and it’s worth eating at least once. Plus their options for sizes and toppings are rather appealing for a variety of appetites.  Great fries too…

Out of 7 The Acme Burger Company scores 4